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Documents and Highlights from 2016

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USGS Presentation: An Evaluation Of Continuous Monitoring Data For Assessing Dissolved Oxygen In The Boston Mountains. This report shows that Big Creek  exceeded the ADEQ standard of 10% of DO less than 6 micrograms/liter during the period of record (2015)

Final Drilling Study Report

BRWA Press Release on Drilling Report, Dec. 16, 2016

BRWA Questions to ADEQ regarding drilling report, Dec. 15, 2016

Drilling Investigation

Harbor Environmental and Safety presented the results from its drilling study at C&H Hog Farms December 1, 2016, in a briefing with ADEQ, which was open to the public. However, questions were not allowed at the presentation and the public was directed instead to submit questions in writing to ADEQ by December 16, 2016. ADEQ reportedly will answer questions and will make an announcement regarding its conclusions following the completion of the review of the final report. 

See BRWA's questions linked above. Other questions from the public may be found under Stakeholder Comments.

EC Farms Permit Appeals Follow the progress of the 3 appeals by clicking on the docket for Nancy Haller. The APC&E Administrative Law Judge is currently reviewing motions and testimony and will make a decision and issue an Order at the January 27 Commission meeting.

Recommended Decision of Administrative Law Judge remanding EC permit back to ADEQ for assignment of a separate permit. January 5, 2017  

Governor Asa Hutchinson announces Buffalo River Action Committee       Youtube video 9/30/2016

Governor's Directive for Beautiful Buffalo River Initiative (BBRI) "To address water quality concerns throughout the watershed and ensure the Buffalo National River maintains all designated uses"  Sept 30, 2016

BCRET July-Sept, 2016 Quarterly Report

BRWA comments on proposed revisions to Regulation 6. October 17, 2016

ADEQ 2018 Assessment Methodology Review website for reviewing criteria for 303d List of Impaired Streams, Nov.3, 2016

BRWA comments to ADEQ on 2018 Assessment Methodology for determining impairment of Arkansas streams, October 30, 2016

Ozark River Stewards comments on Assessment Methodology, supported by BRWA. October 30, 2016

All public comments submitted to ADEQ on Reg 6 Revisions

Isaak Walton League Gives Arkansas a D+ for Water Quality

BRWA Poster


Following revelations by BRWA in April, 2016, ADEQ agreed to perform investigative drilling around the C&H swine waste ponds to determine if, as suggested by ERI results, the ponds are leaking. Below are related documents in chronological order. Also see the ERI section of the Documents page for more. Drilling was completed on September 26.

Read Comments on drilling plan.

APRIL 29: BRWA alerts APC&E Commission to ERI data which indicates possible fracture and release of waste beneath C&H waste ponds. See the Powerpoint presentation here and the accompanying narrative here with expert opinions. 

May 4: PRESS RELEASE regarding ERI data.

May 23: BRWA Letter to ADEQ asking that installation of synthetic pond liners be delayed until confirmatory drilling can be done to determine the validity of ERI results referenced above. This letter was also provided to APC&E Commissioners  by BRWA attorney Richard Mays at the May 26, 2016 meeting.

June 23ADEQ Press Release announcing plan to further investigate ERI data from C&H waste ponds.

June 24: PRESS CONFERENCE ADVISORY, by BRWA and Coalition at ADEQ Headquarters following Commission meeting.

June 29BRWA Letter to ADEQ as followup to confirm ADEQ assertion to include BRWA in independent ERI investigations around C&H waste pounds. 

July 8: Representatives of BRWA and the Buffalo River Coalition met with ADEQ officials at offices of Attorney Richard Mays to discuss plans for an independent investigation of possible leakage of the C&H swine waste lagoons as was indicated by electrical resistivity imaging conducted in early 2015.

July 8ADEQ Powerpoint presentation to BRWA and the Coalition at above meeting describing proposal for independent investigative drilling.

July 11: Bert Fisher letter to ADEQ with recommendations for drilling.

July 12BRWA and Coalition Followup Letter to ADEQ in response to July 8 meeting. 

July 28: BRWA and Coalition 2nd followup letter to ADEQ regarding workplan for drilling. 

August 2: ADEQ Webpage posted on C&H Pond Integrity Investigation. Includes the Draft Workplan

Read Comments on drilling workplan.

August 4Letter to ADEQ from BRWA and Coalition objecting to presence of two BCRET as observers during well drilling while disallowing BRWA's recommended observer, Dr Bert Fisher. 

August 4: 2nd Letter to ADEQ from BRWA and Coalition providing comments on technical aspects of the Draft Workplan. 

August 5: ADEQ announces drilling scheduled for August 8 will be delayed, pending availability of drill rig.


seeking hearing on investigative drilling at C&H. 

August 26: Final Drilling Workplan is posted.

Sept. 2: BRWA withdraws injunction

Sept. 2: ADEQ issues C&H Hog Farm a Notice of Technical Incompleteness due to C&H sudden refusal to allow drilling to proceed.

Sept. 6: BRWA letter to ADEQ reiterating request for multiple bore holes and referencing 2014 Expert Review Panel recommendations re: pond leakage. 

Sept. 7: C&H agrees to allow drilling to proceed at state's expense with drilling date of Sept 19.

Sept. 12: BRWA and Coalition ask EPA to be present during investigative drilling.

Sept 21: Drilling begins. See daily updates here

Sept. 23: Drilling is completed and borehole is filled with cement, although a "void" at 25 feet deep makes it difficult and cementing is not completed until Sept. 26. See the Observation Logs here. Director Keogh states that the Final Report will not be made available to the public until January, 2017.

Sept. 29: ADEQ press release announcing completion of drilling

More to come!


Water analysis results. This document includes a map of numerous sampling locations along Big Creek,from upstream of C&H to the confluence with the Buffalo. The results are suggestive of nutrient loading in the vicinity of the hog factory.

Downstream People - A Documentary, a movie trailer for an upcoming documentary about C&H and its effect on the community. July 23, 2016

BCRET Quarterly Report, July 22, 2016

ADEQ Approves EC Farms request to spread C&H waste on additional fields, including in the watersheds of the Little Buffalo and Hurricane Creek. June 30, 2016. Several individuals have appealed this decision.

BRWA requests public hearing on administrative completeness of C&H application to switch to a Reg. 5 permit. June 3, 2016

ADEQ denies above request for a public hearing on administrative completeness, Sept. 26, 2016

 ADEQ decides not to renew ARG590000, the Reg 6 General permit for swine CAFOs. Read the press release here, April 28, 2016. Read ADEQ's official decision not to renew and responses to 130 comments here.

C&H applies to switch from its current Regulation 6 NPDES (Federal) General Permit to a Regulation 5 (State) Individual Permit. Read the Application Packet  here. April 4, 2016

ADEQ issues letter of administrative completeness stating that C&H's reg 5 permit application contains all of the necessary forms and documents.May 25, 2016. This will be followed by a technical review and 30-day public comment period within 90 days.

BRWA requests public hearing on administrative completeness of C&H Reg 5 application, June 3, 2016

ADEQ denies above request for a public hearing on administrative completeness, Sept. 26, 2016

Hearing Was Held April 14
Notice of Draft Renewal Permit and Public Hearing NPDES General Permit ARG590000 for Eligible Operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) within the State of Arkansas To read document click here.
 Read BRWA's comments here. Read all public comments here

Hearing Was Held APRIL 11
Read BRWA's Draft Comments here


Karst Hydrogeology of the Buffalo National River (KHBNR) is a project sponsored by BRWA and funded by Patagonia. See the brochure here.

The public comment period for the 2016 draft 303(d) list of impaired streams closed on March 16, 2016. Click here to read ADEQ's public notice. Read BRWA and others' comments here. Read BRWA/Coalition presentation to the Arkansas legislative committee meeting, March 29, 2016 here
Final 303(d) Reports are posted here, April 6, 2016. See the "305b Integrated Report" for comprehensive details.

NPS letter, March 25, 2016 recommending 303(d) Impaired status for Big Creek based on analysis of BCRET E. coli data.

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