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"Arkansas' Gift to the Nation, America's Gift to the World" - Jimmy Driftwood
Advocates to Protect the Buffalo National River Watershed

Why Do We Need to Save the Buffalo River, Again?

The "Save the Buffalo - Again" campaign is necessary because, in 2012, an industrial scale hog facility was built on the banks of Big Creek, just 5 miles upstream from the Buffalo National River. Government oversight of this development was deeply flawed and it now threatens to destroy the fragile ecosystem of our nation's first National River. (more)

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Current News

BIG NEWS! ADEQ issues its final decision to DENY the C&H Regulation 5 permit. Read the Statement of Basis and responses to public comments here. November 19, 2018 

This little piggy went to market...and everything changed.   Read this excellent article in The Fern by a recovered hog contract grower.  Aug. 1, 2018

ADEQ releases 2018 Draft List of Impaired Waterbodies (303d List). Public comment period ended Sept. 10.  All submitted comments may be found here.  

Tourism to Buffalo National River Creates $71.1 Million in Economic Benefits in 2017. Read more here

Key Documents

Map of impaired sections of Big Creek and BNR overlaid with dye trace results.

A Creeping Catastrophe - What the Science Tells Us.  

A summary report on a January 2018 meeting of science advisors.

Buffalo River is USA-Today's #1 Tourist Attraction in Arkansas. January, 2018

PLEASE SEE the Documents and the Videos pages for more extensive documentation of the C&H controversy.


Mt Judea Station, downstream from C&H

Mt Judea Nitrate Sensor, below C&H

Big Creek at Carver Station, near confluence with Buffalo River

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