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These maps and aerial views show the unsuitability of the land for the C&H Hog Farm and how this farm impacts the Mount Judea community, its schools and the downtown area.  The hog barns and lagoon are less than an half mile from Mount Judea as the crow flies. Research shows that residents within 1 mile of a hog farm can experience health problems and the loss of property value. Of particular concern is the proximity of the farm to Mount Judea school.

Updated C&H Field Map showing added fields under new Regulation 5 permit application, color coded for soil test phosphorus levels, March 15, 2017

Updated Field Map coded for waste disposal limitations, March 15, 2017

EC Farms, C&H and BCRET Monitoring Sites 2/15/2016 This map shows the current and proposed waste application sites and BCRET monitoring sites.

Aerial Photo This photo shows the distances from the spray fields to the Mt Judea school, its track and playground.

Residences This image includes an overlay of structures and shows their proximity to the spray fields. Field numbers are shown in yellow. Many think of Mt Judea as an isolated community with few residents when in fact there are numerous people directly impacted by this CAFO.

Karst Features This geological map of the application fields shows areas in red which are unsuited to waste application due to excessive slope or the presence of karst features such as rock outcroppings, sinkholes, etc. This map also shows the proximity of Mt Judea to the Buffalo River at Carver.

Mapping the Distribution, Habitat, and Threats for Arkansas' Species of Greatest Conservation NeedsFinal report for Arkansas State Wildlife Grant Agreement Number T20-9, The Nature Conservancy, 2011

Phosphorus Levels This geological map is color-coded to show soil test phosphorus (STP) levels for each field. This data was provided in the C & H NMP and shows that considerable acreage is at or above optimum phosphorus levels prior to the application of any waste. 

Aerial View of C & H taken August, 2013

Aerial View of C & H taken February 25, 2014. Notice erosion control netting around ponds as required in inspection reports.

DYE TRACE MAPS showing sites where Dr Brahana and his team will monitor using dye tracing , with the red circles representing springs, caves, and river sites where water may have dye, and stars that represent where dye will be input. Click here for a powerpoint presentation of how dye traces work.

Landscope A feature rich conservation-related map site. Type Mt Judea into the Find box.

USGS Streamer website allows you to trace upstream or downstream on any stream in the USGS database.

Earth MRI article describing USGS activities 2019 to develop higher resolution geologic imaging in the Ozarks. Read more here and here.


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