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Every two years ADEQ must submit its list of Impaired Streams to EPA to comply with the Clean Water Act. The deadline for submitting the 2016 list was April 1, 2016. Buffalo National River recommended adding three tributaries of the Buffalo to the list, including Big Creek. ADEQ declined. BRWA is participating in development of the assessment methodology for the 2018 303(d) list. See our initial comments and other pertinent documents, including the EPA response, below. EPA had not approved ADEQ's 303(d) list since 2008 until the letter immediately below, sent July 19, 2017.

EPA Letter approving ADEQ's 303(d) list for the periods 2008-2016. July 19, 2017 In spite of data showing elevated E. coli and low dissolved oxygen levels in Big Creek, and concerns expressed by NPS, USGS and many private citizens, EPA approved ADEQ's determination that Big Creek was not impaired because there was insufficient data. 

ADEQ 2018 Assessment Methodology Review website for reviewing criteria for 303d List of Impaired Streams, Nov.3, 2016

ADEQ 303(d) Information page. Scroll down to see public comments.

NPS Letter To ADEQ Recommending Big Creek Be Added to 303(d) list of "impaired waters". October 6, 2015.

NPS Letters To ADEQ Feb. 25 and March 10, 2016, following up on earlier letter.

NPS Letter analyzing BCRET E. coli data and recommending impaired status for Big Creek, March 25, 2016.

EPA letter of response to ADEQ's Draft  2016 303(d) list of impaired streams. This response is critical of numerous conclusions by ADEQ. March 16, 2016

Agenda for Joint Agriculture and Economic Development legislative committee meeting on 303(d) List, March 29, 2016

BRWA  and Coalition comments before Joint Committee, March 29, 2015. This letter was also sent with attachments to various EPA officials and Governor Hutchinson's office. The handouts referred to may be found in the public comments on the ADEQ site at top.

Teresa Turk's comments to the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission meeting, April 29, 2016.                                                                BRWA comments to ADEQ on 2018 Assessment Methodology for determining impairment of Arkansas streams, October 30, 2016                                            Ozark River Stewards comments on Assessment Methodology, supported and referenced by BRWA. October 31, 2016

ADEQ Letter inviting BRWA to participate in 2018 AM Stakeholder Workgroup meetings. November 9, 2016

BRWA Comments to ADEQ , June 2, 2017, regarding draft renewal of an NPDES permit for a wastewater treatment plant for the Marble Falls Sewer Improvement District. This sewer plant on Mill Creek has been cited for multiple violations and has resulted in warnings being posted downstream at a popular Buffalo River swimming hole due to unacceptable E. coli levels. Mill Creek has been included on the 303(d) List for that reason. 

White River Waterkeeper comments on the Marble Falls Sewer Plant permit renewal, June 2, 2017.

National Park Service comments on Marble Falls Sewer Plant permit renewal, June 2, 2017.

BRWA Joins 23 Organizations in Petition to EPA for Inaction on Enforcement of CAFO Air Pollution Regulations. October 26, 2021

Buffalo River Watershed Alliance is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization

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