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This page contains information about the Big Creek Research and Extension Team a taxpayer funded study by the Agriculture Department of the University of Arkansas.

BRWA Position Paper on BCRET

ORS Letter to Gov. Beebe, 3/21/14 expressing concerns with BCRET


BCRT becomes BCRET, with addition of Dept of Extension

USGS FOIA documents with ERI Powerpoint and mention of "major fracture"

Critical Analysis of BCRET and questions raised ( by JM)

BCRET First Proposal for Microbial Source Tracking

BCRET Early Work Plan 1 - Assessing the Potential for Nutrient Utilization and Loss on C&H Farm

Work Plan 2

BCRET Final Work Plan - Demonstrating and Monitoring the Sustainable Management of Nutrients on C&H Farm in Big Creek Watershed

Emails about involvement of Cargill and Farm Bureau with BCRET study design

Summary of early FOIA docs, 12/9/13

BCRET FAQ Sheet, August 2014

Science and Ethics

BCRET Powerpoint presentation to APC&E Commission, June 24, 2016 which concludes that no further investigation into ERI pond data is necessary.

Video of presentation by Dr Sharpley, describing a "Gentleman's Agreement" with ADEQ.

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