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DOWNSTREAM PEOPLE is a 32-minute documentary by Andy Sarjahani produced in 2016 that explores the social, economic, and environmental consequences of a corporately contracted industrial hog farm that was built inside the Buffalo National River watershed in the Ozark Mountains of Newton County, Arkansas. Though this operation poses an enormous risk to the Buffalo National River, DOWNSTREAM PEOPLE sheds light on how it exploits not only the natural resources, but the people of rural Arkansas as well.

AETN Spot - a television ad BRWA is running on public television throughout 2019.

Welcome to Poopytown, a video by The Lexicon of Sustainability. Click the image below for the Vimeo link or click here for the website. October, 2017


    Updated February, 2017  watch here

Radio interview on "Ray Tucker's Arkansas Outdoors" 102.7 Little Rock with Gordon Watkins and Jack Stewart, August 8, 2018

“A Man and a River”, 1973, is a short documentary film on Thomas Hart Benton’s love of the Buffalo River, how it factored into his artwork, and his effort to conserve the river and its natural beauty. Arkansas State Archives Facebook page.
- Hogs On The Buffalo, a production of the PBS series, This American Land, released in February, 2015
ADEQ Question and Answer Session on C&H Hog Farm Permit, immediately preceding the formal permit hearing below, Jasper AR, March 7, 2017
C&H Hog Farm Permit Hearing - Jasper, AR March 7, 2011
- C&H Public meeting in Clarksville, AR to present plans to build another, 18,000 head hog factory in Hartman Bottoms, Arkansas River valley. Video by University of the Ozarks. October 19, 2017.
-  The two-minute video excerpt below is from a presentation at a national Cooperative Extension Service conference in Denver, CO, April, 2013 about the Arkansas Discovery Farm program. A link to the full, 38-minute presentation follows. Dr. Andrew Sharpley, now head of Big Creek Research & Extension (BCRET), discusses a "gentlemen's agreement" with ADEQ to look the other way when violations occur:
  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfoT279QtZI Discovery Farms "Gentleman's Agreement" 2-minute excerpt 
   The Discovery Farms Model: The Impact of Helping Farmers Take Control of Water Quality Management full 38-minute presentation. The above excerpt begins at 6:45.
-  This is an outstanding video that shows the impacts of hog CAFOs. It is a TEDTalk presented by Dr Steve Wing.
John Ikerd Presentation at the Fayetteville Public Library, November 22, 2016 Dr John Ikerd, a retired emeritus professor from the University of Missouri, presented a talk in Fayetteville, AR entitled "Why Bigger is Not Better" about the environmental and health problems associated with industrial agriculture, especially Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).
- Keep The Buffalo Clean And Pristine a 10-minute video from March, 2013 narrated by KUAF reporter Jacqueline Froelich providing an early overview of the C&H issue.
- Opportunity For Arkansas - Buffalo National River a YouTube video of remastered 8mm footage by Dr. Neil Compton from 1963 showing the threat of damming and the first effort to Save The Buffalo.
- This is a video of  Dr John Van Brahana's presentation on karst geology to the Ozark Society on September 24, 2013
-  ROLLING OUT THE SCIENCE. This is a YouTube video of a public presentation on October 18, 2014 to update the public on the current private research activities related to C&H 
- Hog Lament: A 3-minute YouTube video about the current plight of the Buffalo National River
- Big Stink On The Buffalo written and performed by Joe Golden
- This documentary explains, in two 9 minute segments, how karst formed in the Ozarks and demonstrates why Ozark groundwater is vulnerable to nonpoint source pollution.  Famed hydrologist Tom Aley is featured.

- This 5-part YouTube documentary, Factory Farming: A Report Card, describes the CAFO industry in general and its impacts on the environment and human health.

- This is a video produced by the Farm Bureau featuring Dr. Andrew Sharpley, head of the Big Creek Research Team which was charged by Gov. Beebe with monitoring the environmental impact of C & H Hog Farm. Some have suggested that this research has moved beyond monitoring to actually facilitating the operation's success.

- This is a presentation by agricultural economist Dr. John Ikerd of the University of Missouri at the National Conference To End Factory Farming. While it was produced in late 2012, Dr Ikerd describes accurately what we here in the Ozarks are now facing and he specifically deals with the hidden costs of factory farming. 

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