Buffalo River 

C&H Waste Storage Pond Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) Data 

 collected by Oklahoma State University, March, 2015

Big Creek Research and Extension Team ERI web page

Pond Transects Map

East Pond Transect A107 - below ponds to East

West Pond Transect A108 - above ponds between ponds and hog houses

South Pond Transect A109 - below ponds to South

North Pond Transect A110 - North end of Pond 2

Site Photos

Land Survey Datasets March 14, 2015 (Excel spreadsheet)

Holding Pond ERI Datasets March 14, 2015 (Excel spreadsheet)

C&H Aerial Photo

Final Drilling Study Report, Dec 1, 2016

BRWA Press Release on Drilling ReportDec. 16, 2016

BRWA Questions to ADEQ regarding drilling reportDec. 15, 2016

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