Buffalo River 

Below are written public comments submitted by BRWA and others to ADEQ during the comment period for the 2016 proposed 303(d) listing of impaired streams in Arkansas. 

More information on the 2016 Final 303(d) List and Report may be found here. Maps may be found here.


Comments found on ADEQ website


National Park Service

Teresa Turk, representing NPCA

Ginny Masullo

Brian Thompson

Jack Stewart

Marti Olesen

Dane Schumacher

Carol Bitting

Carol Bitting, 2nd Comments

Chuck Bitting

John Van Brahana

John Murdoch

Teresa Turk

JoAnn Burkholder

ADEQ's Final 303(d) documents, posted April 6, 2016. See the Letter of Responsiveness for responses to public comments and the 305(b) Integrated Report for details on impaired streams. Big Creek was included in Category 3 for Phosphorus and Nitrogen. Category 3 means there is insufficient data to determine impairment.

EPA Letter approving ADEQ's 303(d) list for the periods 2008-2016. July 19, 2017 In spite of data showing elevated E. coli and low dissolved oxygen levels in Big Creek, and concerns expressed by NPS, USGS and many private citizens, EPA approved ADEQ's determination that Big Creek was not impaired because there was insufficient data.

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