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Time to Fight Goliath Corporations - Ginny Massulo

11 Jul 2013 11:54 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

PUBLIC VIEWPOINT: Time To Fight Goliath Corporations
By Ginny Masullo, Fayetteville

Another large hog facility is seeking a permit in Arkansas.
This time the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality will hold a public meeting regarding this specific operation in Yell County, as they so flagrantly did not do for the C&H hog facility in the Buffalo River watershed. This meeting will be at 6 p.m. July 22 in the Dardanelle City Hall, 120 N. Front St.
The more I read about these operations, the more I am amazed that they are allowed to continue to pollute our air and waterand our food. Corporations such as Cargill like to put a positive spin on their environmental record.
However, if one begins to explore what they have done to devastate air and water quality all over the world we see the negative eftects of their so-called environmental practices and ethical standards. (http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/ tools-and-resources/cargilla-threat-to-food-andfarming/)
Cargill and other corporations like them are who we are up against to preserve areas like the Buftalo River, not tomention our sources of food. These corporations need to be held accountable for the unsafe practices they promote.
As noted by the nonprofit Corporate Research Project (http://www.corp-research. org/cargill) Cargill has frequently been associated with controversies involving food contamination, workplace injuries, anti competitive practices and environmental violations.
These corporations with their powerful lobbies and monetary support of research institutions are Goliath and we, the people, are David. Our bag of stones includes not allowing farm subsidies to benefit these factory operations. Billing these operations as farms, which they are not, allows them something of a free pass on certain air, water and solid waste emissions.
We need to educate ourselves about these businesses and ask that our government representatives do the same. This is an issue of our time that affects each citizen’s rights to healthy air, water and food.
I hope we can make our voices heard.
Opinion, Pages 5 on 07/11/2013


  • 11 Jul 2013 4:12 PM | Anonymous
    I am wondering if it is not related to the increase demand for pork and other "Safe" American meat products from over seas. This sounds like an Oliver Stone's theory but I see two dots that seem to becoming sharper in my opinion. One is SWEPCO getting power to Berryville area (maybe for processing the end products)and the expansion of herd size in existing farms as well as new permits as "two dots" that may or may not be connected.

    This is just speculation on my part. I welcome any feedback from SWEPCO or the meat industry.

    Thank you for your comments,
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