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Contact Information as of June 14, 2020

ALC members that are in addition to Rules members as listed here. 

Co-Chair Cecile Bledsoe , see rules committee

Co-Chair Representative Jeff Wardlaw , see rules

Vice-Chair Senator Terry Rice , see rules

Vice-Chair Representative Jim Dotson , see rules

Senator Bob Ballinger,  (870) 505-4448, bob.ballinger@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Ronald Caldwell 501-682-6107ronald.caldwell@Senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Linda Chesterfield, 501-888-1859, lchesterfield@comcast.net (D)

Senator Alan Clark, (501) 844-6800  alan.clark@senate.ar.gov  (R)

Senator Breanne Davis, (479) 970-0081, breanne.davis@senate.ar.gov (R)

 Senator Lance Eads,  see rules 

Senator Joyce Elliott 501-603-9546Joyce.Elliott@senate.ar.gov (D)

Senator Jane English , see rules

Senator Stephanie Flowers, 870-535-1032Stephanie.Flowers@senate.ar.gov (D)

Senator Kim Hammer, see rules

Senator Missy Irvin, see rules

Senator Blake Johnson, see rules 

Senator Bruce Maloch, 870-235-7041, bruce.maloch@senate.ar.gov (D)

Senator David Wallace  870-919-8046, David.Wallace@senate.ar.gov (R)

Representative Ken Bragg  870-917-9205, kenwbragg@gmail.com (R)

Representative Bruce Cozart, see rules

Representative Gary Deffenbaugh  479-719-8197, Gary.Deffenbaugh@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Dan M. Douglas,479-619-9231dan-douglas@sbcglobal.net (R)

Representative Deborah Ferguson, 870-735-7098deborah.ferguson@arkansashouse.org (D)

Representative David Fielding, 870-234-6143, david.fielding@arkansashouse.org (D)

Representative Charlene Fite, 479-414-1818charlene.fite@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Lanny Fite, 501-317-2400, lanny.fite@att.net (R)

Representative Fredrick J. Love , see rules

Representative Mark Lowery, 501-837-5221markdlowery@mac.com (R)

Representative Josh Miller 501-365-3599, josh.miller@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Reginald Murdock see rules

Representative John Payton, 501-362-5815, john.payton@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Chris Richey, 870-995-2499, chris.richey@arkansashouse.org (D)

Representative Laurie Rushing 501-276-3018, laurie.rushing@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Dan Sullivan , see rules

Representative David Whitaker, 479-236-8313david.whitaker@arkansashouse.org (D)

Representative Jim Wooten (501) 858-7403wjewooten@aol.com (R)

ex officio 

Senator Will Bond, 501-396-5400, Will.Bond@senate.ar.gov (D)

Senator Eddie Cheatham 870-364-5659, eddie.cheatham@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Jonathan Dismang , see rules

Senator Scott Flippo 870-421-3420, Scott.Flippo@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Jim Hendren, see rules

Senator Bart Hester, 479-531-4176, bart.hester@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Jimmy Hickey, Jr 870-772-4444, jimmy.hickey@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Keith Ingram, see rules

Senator Jason Rapert 501-336-0918, Jason.Rapert@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Bill Sample , (501) 627-5386, Bill.Sample@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Gary Stubblefield, 479-635-4314, gary.stubblefield@senate.ar.gov (R)

Senator Larry Teague 870-845-5303Larry.Teague@senate.ar.gov (D)

Representative LeAnne Burch, 870-460-0773, Leanne.Burch@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Andy Davis, 501-837-5109, andy.davis@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Jon S. Eubanks see rules

Representative Kenneth B. Ferguson,  870-413-8942, kenneth.ferguson@arkansashouse.org (D)

Representative Megan Godfrey, (479) 200-4460, megan.godfrey@arkansashouse.org (D)

Representative Lane Jean, see rules

Representative Robin Lundstrum, 479-957-1959, robin.lundstrum@arkansashouse.org (R)

Representative Austin McCollum, 479-426-4141, austin.mccollum@arkansashouse.org (R) 

Representative Ron McNair 870-754-7962, rmcnair1950@gmail.com (R)

Representative Matthew J. Shepherd , see rules

Representative DeAnn Vaught , see rules

Representative Richard Womack, 870-403-6287, richard@richardwomack.com (R)


Buffalo River Watershed Alliance is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization

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