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Letter Writing Campaign to Preserve and Protect the Buffalo National River

What's Unnatural in the Natural State?

A factory hog "farm" (confined animal feeding operation) upstream from the beautiful Buffalo National River. 78,000 hogs and almost 3 million gallons of waste each year? -- Far too much in this special place!

The current hog factory farm operating in the Buffalo River watershed applied for a new and different permit to continue operations. What is significant about this is that the citizens of Arkansas will have the opportunity to make comments and oppose the granting of the permit. We the people of Arkansas did not have that opportunity back in 2012 when the first permit was granted by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.  It is our belief that the REG 5 permit should be denied and we support ADEQ's decision to do so.

Please write the Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, and ask him to:

 Correct the original mistake, deny the new permit, and enact a permanent moratorium on swine CAFOs in the Buffalo River watershed.

Thanks for Hosting a Letter-Writing Party to Advocate for the

 Preservation and Protection of the

 Buffalo National River.

For more information or help contact Buffalo River Watershed Alliance board members

Ginny Masullo 479-530-0280 mailto:masullo.ginny1@gmail.com

Ellen Corley 870-416-0173  footholdfarm@yahoo.com

Some Suggested Letter Party Guidelines

  • ·       The focus of your letters could be general or could focus on a specific timely issue related to the river.
  • ·       Letter writing remains an effective way to influence legislators and governmental agencies. Efforts to SAVE THE BUFFALO RIVER AGAIN must include a statewide flow of letters to Arkansas legislators and our Arkansas Governor. Other agencies such as the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (APC&E) and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) may be focused on,   depending on a specific action related to the preservation of the River.

At your event include:

  • Access to finding one’s legislators. The following website links allow one to put in an address and find the appropriate legislator.

For Arkansas House: http://www.arkansashouse.org

For Arkansas Senate:  http://www.arkansas.gov./senate/senatorSearch.html

  • If you know all the people attending are from one area, have the addresses readily available for folks to copy. If not have computer/s ready for people to look up their legislators.

For Governor Hutchinson his contacts are:

info@govenor.arkansas.gov o

501-682- 2345

Governor Asa Hutchinson

 Room 250 State Capitol

500 Woodlane Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72201

  • Sample letters. Some folks will not write their own but would rather sign a preprinted letter.
  • Ask people to address their own envelopes


Consider one or more of these ideas:

  • Show this award winning documentary “A Mighty Struggle : The War to keep the Buffalo River Clean and Pristine” Access it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gOSPA_B-Rw. To update video Inform folks that JBS bought out Cargill
  • Bring in a guest speaker who can illuminate the issue
  • Provide music.
  • Dovetail letter writing with another event

Make writing letters as easy as possible for people.   Make sure you have:

  • Paper (Different types of stationary and paper)
  • Pens
  • Stamps (You can ask for donations to cover postage)
  • Envelopes (Different sizes and shapes)
  • Sample letters
  • The addresses of your Arkansas district’s Senators and Representatives. if local reps, such as ones in Fayetteville, are sympathetic letters not needed to them.
  • COUNT THE NUMBER OF LETTERS. Better yet, collect the letters and mail them yourself. Take a photo of the letters and send to your local paper and or/ post on your Facebook.


Send people away with more action. Your party will be even more effective if people leave ready to encourage others to join them in taking actions.  Here are a few ideas, but you can come up with your own:

  • Give people extra sample letters to give to friends.    CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE LETTER
  • Encourage them to hold their own letter-writing party.
  • Encourage your friends to contact people across the state of Arkansas (and even beyond, after all this is a national river) to write letters and or/ hold their own letter writing party.

Get everyone’s contact information and encourage them to become an official BRWA supporter by signing up with BRWA. It is free to do so.

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