Buffalo River 

Buffalo Point Christmas Bird Count

  • 14 Dec 2016
  • 7 1/2 mile radius from Buffalo Point

The 117th Audubon Christmas Bird Count along the Buffalo River is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14th.  This annual bird count is an American tradition dating to 1900, and the 40th year along the lower Buffalo River.  The data is compiled for scientific analysis.  Novices, experts and kids are all welcome.  All you need is a bird identification book, binoculars, and appropriate clothing in the event of wet weather.  We are not deterred by rain or light snow flurries … dress accordingly!

The count circle is 15-miles diameter with Buffalo Point in the middle.  The Buffalo River and Highway 14 form a giant X spanning the circle with Buffalo Point and Dillards Ferry at the center.

You must register to avoid duplication of territory coverage.  If you have participated in the past do not assume you have  the same territory because if we don’t hear from you, we will conclude the area is not covered and assign to someone else.

We can form teams though some territories or covered by individuals.

We count species as well as individual birds.  You’ll be asked to keep track of the numbers, be prepared to provide details for any unusual birds seen, keep track of hours, temperature and other basic information.  A form will be provided by email.

Feeder Watchers
  If you live inside the circle you can help by monitoring your own property and bird feeders.  Just let us know you plan to count.

Spend the night.  You can spend Tuesday night December 13, at the Toney Bend Biological Field Station, near Rush, check for local owl species, and commence birding at sunrise.   The Field Station features full kitchen, dormitory style bedrooms, and conventional bathrooms.  Wood heating warms main rooms, but bedrooms may be chilly, so bring sheets, blankets or sleeping bag.  To reserve the free night at the Field Station contact Jack Stewart at fellowshipofthewings@gmail.com or phone 870-715-0260.  Space is limited.  Maps and directions are available.

To register, ask questions, and/or reserve a bed at Toney Bend contact Jack Stewart at fellowshipofthewings@gmail.com

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