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PRESS RELEASE, Sept 8, 2014  Read  the response to Cargill's decision to stay put in the Buffalo River watershed.

Minnesota Public Radio covers the Arkansas Story 
Click here to listen to the 3 minute report

And click here to read a follow-up op-ed by BRWA VP, Jack Stewart in the Minneapolis Star Tribune 

And read Cargill's response to the op-ed here

The 2 monitoring stations below, one located just below C&H on Big Creek and another at Carver near the confluence of Big Creek and Buffalo River, provide real-time data for flow, nitrate, precipitation, etc
Mt Judea Station, downstream from C&H
Big Creek at Carver Station, near confluence with Buffalo River

                      watch here

The "Save the Buffalo - Again" campaign is necessary because a 6,500 hog industrial farm has been built on the banks of Big Creek. Planning for this development is deeply flawed and it threatens to destroy the fragile ecosystem of the river just 5 miles away.

Buffalo National River was not consulted prior to Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality(ADEQ) issuing a permit for this confined animal feeding operation(CAFO), in violation of federal regulations. A National Park Service review of the documents for the farm revealed 45 significant violations. 

If we have learned anything, we now know we must be vigilant and not presume everyone treasures this place as we do. 

We must act to defeat this CAFO, and seek policies that will build a wall around the Buffalo River Watershed. If we lose this, we lose a part of ourselves.

John Muir defined the meaning of natural treasures like the Buffalo National River best long ago:

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."  John Muir

We need your help. Join us in this campaign to "Save the Buffalo - Again", and help secure the future of our national treasure. With a shared vision and hard work, we will prevail.

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