In this issue learn about the moratorium and the Governors wish to protect the Buffalo.
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Hello there, Buffalo River Watershed Alliance Supporters,
This will be a short newsletter because we really need a quick response from some of you:
The permanent moratorium on swine CAFOs is a real possibility with the support of Governor Hutchinson. 


Now is the time for all Whos out in Whosville to make their voices heard loud and clear.
We have a sample letter that you can send or tweak to your personal satisfaction that some legislators in a couple of committees need to receive.
  Read more about it here.
You'll find links to identify which legislators serve on the pertinent committees and a link to identify your own legislators. The first committee meeting is tomorrow, Monday, March 9.
We urge supporters to call, text or email YOUR Senator or Representative if they sit on these committees. They need to hear from CONSTITUENTS!

It makes a BIG Difference if they hear from their own constituents that this safeguard of the permanent moratorium truly matters to you.
Folks, we have come a long way and we almost have our three strikes to make sure CAFOS STAY OUT of the Buffalo River watershed. 
Strike 1:  The C&H Hog farm is closed and the land has a permanent easement to keep it safe. 
Strike 2:  The Governor has created a conservation committee with heads of four state divisions and watershed representatives to channel funding to local residents to help prevent future pollutants from entering the Beautiful Buffalo River. Fantastic!!!
Strike 3: This one takes us all to swing a home run with a permanent moratorium that will ensure that Arkansas taxpayers will not foot the bill of another misguided CAFO in the watershed of this national park. 
Make your voice heard!!!
Here's that link again.
Some other good news...

Governor Asa Hutchinson chats with BRWA President Gordon Watkins about the Buffalo River
 In other good news for the River, Governor Hutchinson spoke eloquently about this three pronged approach to saving the River at the recent Southeast Tourism Conference for southern states held in Little Rock. Four organizations which have collaborated to make these a reality over the past seven years presented the Governor a plaque with a river otter on it for his role in making this happen.  The Governor spoke about his goal to accomplish three
things for the Buffalo River. The first was to close down C&H Hog Farm, “so that that would be eliminated as a source of concern for the Buffalo River
Watershed. Secondly, I wanted to make permanent the moratorium against
CAFOs, large scale animal feeding operations in the Buffalo River
Watershed. And then thirdly, I wanted to have a grant program that was made up of public and private dollars that would be a grant program for
farmers and municipalities to access to have better water management
practices within the Buffalo River Watershed. Because of your support and
the support of the general assembly we accomplished all three. And so it
was a good year for the Buffalo River, it was good year for the next
generation of those that will enjoy our outdoors here in this state from all
over the United States that will come and see nature, that will see the God
of creation, that will see and enjoy something that has been there
throughout time. And so we’re grateful for it and we’re grateful for the
opportunity be stewards of that river and all that we enjoy here in this state.
Thank you for what you do in supporting tourism, thank you for what you do
to be an advocate for tourism and to make sure that we can enjoy the
outdoors, the history and all that each of our states have to offer. Thank you
very much.”
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Jasper, AR 72641.

Thank you for your continued support.

Buffalo River Watershed Alliance
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