Buffalo River 

2016 Fall Community Fundraiser Appeal, September 1-December 31

Champion Donors

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance wants to recognize and give heartfelt thanks to the many generous contributors to our Community Fundraiser Appeal. So many people have shown support for our efforts to protect and preserve the Buffalo River. In our call for community contributions we asked supporters to donate whatever they could. Some pledged in monthly recurring donations. Others had donated before the campaign began in September. If your name does not appear and you would like to be included in our special recognition webpage and newsletter, will you please contact us?

Once again, without your support for our beautiful Buffalo River, we volunteers could not do the work that it takes to persevere. Your kind donations show that we can truly ally ourselves to become the necessary community force that it takes to accomplish our goals for future generations.

 $50 - 100

Hailstone Headwaters Donors

$100 - 499

Roark Bluff Donors   

$500 - 999

Gray Rock 


$1,000 - 4,999

Great Blue Heron

$5,000 & Up

Blue Waters Donors

Photographs of Hailstone Headwaters, Roark Bluff and Gray Rock by Marysia Jastrzebsk.

Great Blue Heron by Chuck Anderson

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